Black Hole

We see the world of retail closing brick and mortar stores by the bushel basket and not opening any new stores. This seems to be a trend that is taking place now that the world has taken to online shopping. Retailers have gone to incredible lengths to make sure the on-line shopper gets the fastest possible shipping and best customer service, to cash in on this shift in customer shopping habits. Customers have really taken to not leaving their living room and fighting long lines and out of stocks at stores.

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To Sit Or Stand? … Don’t Forget The Assembly!

There are times when you will sit down to work at your office and before you know it, five hours have passed before you’ve gotten out of your chair. As soon as you get up, you feel some little aches and pains from having been in the same position for such a long period of time. The first thing you do is stretch your muscles, before walking out of your office to get that much needed cup of coffee. Your body is just demanding movement! Continue reading

Spread The Good Words – Professional Assembly

I am almost positive that most of population in the United States uses a search engine, each day, for work or pleasure.

There is a little noticed line that shows how many results were returned for whatever word or phrase you were searching. The line usually reads: “About 100,000,000 Results (0.48 Seconds)”. The more general the topic or word, the more results that usually come back. Continue reading

SPAR Assembly & Installation = Solutions

Living in a large apartment complex, I’m now accustomed to the loud sounds of Monday morning deliveries, especially since my windows face the large hall that any delivery person must come through in order to service people in my building. Today caught my eyes and ears when the first truck unloaded an entire apartment load of furniture from a company that rents furniture to those who are staying temporarily due to corporate relocation. This was for the open apartment next to me. Continue reading

Assembly…It is a good gig…

Have you ever assembled something for a child, aging parent or a neighbor without tools? Was the feeling you had when presenting the assembled item one of “satisfaction” or “job well done”? If you take pleasure in looking at a set of directions and turning many small pieces into a finished work of art, you might be interested in what SPAR Assembly & Installation has to offer! Continue reading

Holiday Assemblies…We Can Help

The rapid succession of the holidays is coming up rather quickly. It is that unique time when you can walk into a retail store and see Halloween candy, Thanksgiving items and the beginning of Christmas decorations popping up all around. In just a few short weeks, everyone will start to focus their attention on the holiday shopping list. Just for fun this year, place a star next to anything that you will be purchasing that requires some sort of assembly. I’ve done this in recent years and found that 33% of what I’m going to purchase for holiday gifts, needs some sort of product assembly! Continue reading

Retail Trends & Technology

Retail Trends & Technology

Though many merchandising solutions are considered timeless and will never go out of style, there are plenty of new retail trends and technologies that can help business owners drive traffic, increase sales and realize a brand new level of success. SPAR is researching some of these new technologies and highlighted some below. Continue reading

Tips for Retailers on how to work with a Merchandising Company

Choosing the right retail merchandising company can ultimately mean the difference between your business’s success and failure. Merchandising requires a lot of pre-planning work and plenty of know-how, so it’s always a good idea to hire a company like SPAR if you want to have the best possible results for your stores and ultimately your customers. Here are some tips for working with a merchandising company that will help you in the long run: Continue reading