Retail Trends & Technology

Retail Trends & Technology

Though many merchandising solutions are considered timeless and will never go out of style, there are plenty of new retail trends and technologies that can help business owners drive traffic, increase sales and realize a brand new level of success. SPAR is researching some of these new technologies and highlighted some below. Continue reading

Tips for Retailers on how to work with a Merchandising Company

Choosing the right retail merchandising company can ultimately mean the difference between your business’s success and failure. Merchandising requires a lot of pre-planning work and plenty of know-how, so it’s always a good idea to hire a company like SPAR if you want to have the best possible results for your stores and ultimately your customers. Here are some tips for working with a merchandising company that will help you in the long run: Continue reading

5 Tips for Working with a Merchandising Company

There are few things as exciting and terrifying as starting a new venture in retail merchandising. Choosing the right company to work with can be a challenge, but a little bit of due diligence can do wonders for your end goals. The right merchandising company will know how to execute the right planogram ensuring accurate product placement that will work in synchronicity with each other to encourage consumers to spend more but without the right merchandising company implementing your plans the end result can cost you a lot. The wrong one will only succeed in setting up new bottlenecks, and potentially aggravating existing ones by not checking thoroughly to see where they exist. Continue reading

Spread The Good Words – Professional Assembly

I am almost positive that most of population in the United States uses a search engine, each day, for work or pleasure.

There is a little noticed line that shows how many results were returned for whatever word or phrase you were searching.  The line usually reads:  “About 100,000,000 Results (0.48 Seconds)”.  The more general the topic or word, the more results that usually come back. Continue reading

The Importance of Regular Retail Audits

There are two primary types of retail audits with which store owners should be concerned. The first is the price audit which helps track opportunities and competitiveness within the market, and the second is the compliance audit which is designed to ensure that all of the stores across a chain are complying with a national merchandising campaign. Continue reading

POP Displays: What Are They And How Can They Affect Your Retail Store?

Point of purchase (POP) displays offers a retailer the opportunity to present their products in a way that is not only professional, but commands an appealing presence, in hopes of influencing the purchasing choices of potential consumers. Most people see them every time they enter a store, mall, or shopping center without even realizing that the business is attempting to attract their attention to the specific products that the management or business owners have chosen to showcase. Continue reading

Merchandising Outsourcing: The Ins and Outs of Maximizing Effectiveness

An informed company is a profitable company.  As a business begins to grow in size, it becomes increasingly important to pay attention to even the most remote pieces of analytical data.  This data must then be interpreted in a way that can be made relevant to the business in order to positively affect operations, skyrocket efficiency, expand brand awareness, increase sales revenue, and improve consumer relations.  For most, it is much more cost effective to outsource Continue reading

How SPAR Can Help You Identify Retail Merchandising Trends Within Stores

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits them and sells itself.”  –Peter Drucker

Any successful retailer will admit that the more they understand their consumer, the more influence they will have on their shopping choices.  Unfortunately, few actually understand how pertinent the accumulation of data can be to improving marketing efforts and increasing sales revenue.  Utilizing a merchandizing solution can help bring various retail merchandising trends of any retail store to light, that otherwise may have flown completely under the radar, essentially missing out on a golden opportunity to enhance customer engagement, further brand exposure, and lose sales. Continue reading

SPAR Group Merchandising Solutions

The SPAR Group has risen to prominence as the world’s foremost leader in retail management and merchandising solutions, and as a publicly traded company, listed on the NASDAQ there is a certain level of transparency that other private companies do not offer.  Operating in 10 countries across the globe, SPAR has built a reputation of excellence in field execution, providing countless companies with crucial data, allowing them insight into information that otherwise could not be found anywhere else.  This data can then be used to track various facets of the company in order to improve ROI, customer service, and overall performance. Continue reading