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SPAR was founded in 1967 as a diversified merchandising and marketing services company, focused on helping clients improve their sales, operating efficiencies and profits through leading edge merchandising and research support. Some 40+ years later, SPAR has grown into an international organization operating throughout the United States, Canada, Japan, India, China, Hong Kong, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Mexico and emerging Eastern European countries.

SPAR's 8,500+ Merchandisers are well trained and committed to executing our client's vision at store and shelf level. Our experienced and tenured Field Management & Client Services teams are focused on delivering quality results and world class service to our clients.

SPAR's technology and highly trained teams is the key to providing unrivaled service, quickly, accurately and professionally. We were the first Merchandising Service Organization (MSO) to utilize the Internet to help manage merchandising programs, and the leader in leveraging handheld computers to speed information flow and streamline processes. Today we are a pioneer in RFID technology and its potential to increase profits and reduce costs. SPAR's proprietary Real-Time Quality System (R-TQ) harnesses technology supplying sophisticated actionable reports to ensure the highest levels of performance in all aspects of our client's programs.