Products / Services

Retail and Merchandising Services

SPAR executes over 3 million retail merchandising visits every year with consistent 98%+ on-time quality completions. SPAR retail merchandising services encompass a full range of sales enhancing on-going and project services including;

  • Continuity Programs
  • “Click & Collect” Support Services
  • Dedicated Programs
  • Fixture Installations, Maintenance and Trait Reporting
  • Inventory Services
  • Kiosk replenishment and service
  • New Store Sets/Remodels
  • Planogram Maintenance
  • Promotion, POP, Display and End Cap Installations/Set-ups

Category Resets

SPAR is the expert in conducting large scale category resets. For years SPAR has been conducting full category resets in national retailers encompassing millions of skus across hundreds of thousands of linear feet of shelves.

“Click & Collect” Support Services

As a leading Retailer with Omni-channel distribution, you want to enable your customers to purchase your products on-line and collect in-store or nearby without having to wait for a delivery.
Who will pick the items from the store inventory, pack them and have them ready for pick-up?
Who will greet the customers as they arrive at the store & provide them with their purchase for a quick, easy, and seamless transaction?

SPAR can provide the execution at store level to pick the inventory from the shelf or back room, pack them and bring them to the collection area.
SPAR can also provide the support to greet the customer at the collection area & complete the transaction.
Your store associates can continue to serve the customers who are shopping in the location, while SPAR executes the “Click & Collect” process.

Save the shipping costs and satisfy your customers with SPAR’s “Click & Collect” Support Services.

Continuity Programs

SPAR is the leader in executing large scale continuity programs in national retailers. As an example, over a 7 year relationship in one national chain, SPAR was responsible for merchandising over 78% of the entire front end categories. SPAR's national presence and core focus on merchandising allow for continuity programs to be based on our client's exact needs.

Fixture Installations, Maintenance and Trait Reporting

SPAR's leading edge technology and experienced Merchandisers complete thousands of fixture installations every year. From installing new fixtures, to sidecaps to full gondolas, SPAR has expertise in every category. Our technology also allows us to track every single one of your fixtures in any retailer, ensuring fixtures are utilized fully and providing accurate replenishment needs.

Inventory Services

SPAR is well experienced in a multitude of product inventory services. These sales enhancing services include; product replenishment, full inventory capabilities, product returns, out of stock identification, order processing and fulfillment.

Kiosk Service and Fulfillment

SPAR routinely replenishes, services and fulfills thousands of kiosks across the country. From ensuring full functionality, to maintaining proper inventory levels, to placing new releases and new items, SPAR's team of Merchandisers have the expertise on any self service kiosk.

Market Research

Over the last 65 years, SPAR-Burgoyne has been providing retail research services that truly provide insight to store conditions. We have conducted thousands of research programs all aimed at providing insight that help your consumers buy, and your profits grow. These services include; distribution and observation checks, mystery shops, determining shelf location and pricing strategies, and researching space cannibalization from new item introduction.

New Store Sets/Remodels

SPAR has designed a multitude of structures, systems and proprietary reports to easily manage all facets of remodels, resets and new store openings. During the last several years SPAR has completed over 10,000 new stores and remodels, including fixture changes and banner conversions.

Planogram Maintenance

SPAR's retail merchandising expertise includes a full array of planogram services. From initial set-up, to full and extensive resets, SPAR's experienced merchandising team handles tens of thousands of planograms every year.

Promotion, POP, Display, End Cap Installations and Set-ups

SPAR is an industry expert at a full host of promotion services. From setting up point-of purchase displays, to end caps, to full promotion merchandising services and set-ups, SPAR has a national team of Merchandisers experienced in all related services.

Speed to Shelf

Through our team of 8,500+ Merchandisers, SPAR can simply get your products on the shelf faster than any other Merchandising Services Organization (MSO). SPAR routinely cuts in new products and new releases in thousands of locations in a single day.