Client Stories

Our clients are at the center of what we do.


What I like the most about working for SPAR is I get to work independently, have opportunities to travel, make good connections with store managers and staff, and work with a large variety of products, retailers and marketing processes.

Annika E. - Merchandiser New South Wales

My friendships with my colleagues at SPAR has been the best part of my job. They are always willing to lend a helping hand with challenges I am faced with. We have a diverse team who come from a variety of different career backgrounds and are loaded with creative ways of facing uphill battles.

Katrina D. - Client Services Manager - Canada

I really love and respect SPAR and the people that they employ. The open environment, transparent decision-making, and ethical behavior makes SPAR a wonderful place to work.

Deepak - Assiantant Manager - India

Working at the Spar Brasil is a huge responsibility. Always meeting the expectations of the largest trading agency, it may not seem easy, but with the team we have, we can dream even higher.

Gabriel B. - Digital Designer - Brazil

SPAR gives me the great opportunity to work in this organization, where I put my knowledge into practice and at the same time learn day by day. I also learn every day as well and increase my skill set.

Elvira R. - Regional Manager - Mexico

Each person's opinion is respected. You can always make new discoveries by doing spot jobs for clients in different industries.

Hiromi S. - Account Services - Japan