SPAR was founded in 1967 as a promotion analysis company supporting the top CPG companies to drive their sales promotions at retail. In 1987, after 20 years of providing valuable insights and analytics to grow our customer's business, we added in-store merchandising and marketing to our service offerings becoming a total retail solutions provider.


In the years that followed we worked with the top Brands and Retailers supporting all in-store merchandising and marketing needs while providing robust data and analytics to further drive value and efficiencies for our customers. 

Throughout our 55 years of supporting our clients at retail, we have remained a retail technology pioneer providing crucial in-store data to customers worldwide. We have remained true to our roots by investing heavily in groundbreaking solutions that are sophisticated, innovative, and fully customizable to meet your unique needs.

We were the 1st company to:

  • Offer profitability and sales data analysis
  • Take the merchandising sector to the internet
  • Introduce wireless technology for our Field teams
  • Offer merchandising services on a global scale
  • Offer profitability and sales data analysis
  • Implement a global technology retail system

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